These medications requires approval from a licensed Veterinarian who has physically examined the pet prior to prescribing any medication.

Medicating companion animals can be difficult, regardless of the type of animal. However, exotic pets can present their own, specific difficulties when it comes to medicating. Which is why we continue to look for ways to help all pet owners medicate their pets with as little stress on the animals as possible. Our Exotic Gummy Treats do just that! Our gummy treats are available for many medications in strengths that are customizable based on the pets’ individual needs. They are formulated to accommodate many species including reptiles, birds and exotic mammals, that may not be suited for commercially available medications/strengths.

.These gummies are very palatable and come in flavors like Raspberry, Tutti Frutti, Orange, Banana, Vanilla and even Alfalfa. To get a custom quote based on the medication and strength needed, please call and speak to one of our pharmacists today!

22.7 MG
Flavored Gummy

Do I Need a Prescription to Order?

If you do not have a prescription yet, our online pharmacy allows you to choose your preferred form, dosage and flavor. We will contact your veterinarian's office on your behalf to get the prescription approved. Please allow approximately 7 days for your veterinarian to approve your prescription. For urgent orders, please give us a call and we will do our best to accommodate you.

1. Shop for your pet’s prescription.
2. Your selection gets approved by your veterinarian via our instant fax order form. Please allow approximately 7 days for your veterinarian to approve your request.
3. Your order gets processed and shipped.