These Topi-CLICK transdermal pens have proven to be more accurate than other transdermal pens and further eliminate user-variability. In addition to being easy to use and extremely accurate, Topi-Click indicates the measure of dose through each administration, so you know exactly how much product you have used and more importantly how much product you have left. One click dispenses 0.05ml, making customizing and adjusting doses a sinch, or should we say a “click”.

One click dispenses 0.05ml, so each strength listed above can be adjusted accordingly. Each pen comes with a 6-month shelf life and does not need to be refrigerated. With a refill reminder system, clients are reminded to refill when they have approximately 32 clicks left.

We are confident that clients currently using our Press-N-Dose Transdermal pens will be thoroughly impressed with the quality and convenience of these new pens. And anyone that has been considering trying a transdermal pen will be even more encouraged to get started.

Transdermal Pen