Transdermal Gels

Transdermal gels serve as an alternative to giving medications orally. A small amount of gel containing medication is rubbed into the hairless area on the inside of the animal’s ear. The medication is then absorbed through the skin and works in the same way if given orally. For pets who are not eating, have difficulty swallowing, or otherwise refuse oral medications, transdermal drug delivery results in improved patient compliance and ease of use for pet owners. While we have had success with a number of drugs used in a transdermal form, not all medications may be given by this route.

Our pharmacists are available to assist in determining if a drug is suitable for transdermal delivery. Two applications are available in a transdermal formulation. The typical syringe method along with our signature Press-N-Dose gel pen. Our Press-N-Dose transdermal gel pens offer an easy application for transdermal delivery and are much cleaner to use than the traditional syringe method. They are extremely accurate and help minimize dosing errors with the easy to use pump mechanis.


Compounded Transdermal Pet Medication

Tips and Tricks

If wearing the provided glove scares your pet try using finger cots that can be purchased at your local drug store.

Placing the medication on your finger (wearing glove or finger cots) in another room before approaching your cat can make the process less stressful. If using our press and dose pen you can click the pen in another room to prep the pen before approaching your pet to make the dosing process easier.

Try to regularly rub your cat’s ears to get them comfortable with their ears being touched.