The Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board is comprised of compounding pharmacists and nationally recognized experts from national organizations. 
PCAB has established stringent standards that promote uniformity, quality, and safety of compounded medications. PCAB recognizes that pharmacies meeting these standards provide high quality products and services. The accreditation process involves an extensive review of the pharmacy’s Policies and Procedures and includes an onsite inspection by PCAB experts.

Some of the specific quality and safety standards looked for by PCAB include the following:
  • Use of high quality ingredients from reliable suppliers for all compounded products Pharmacists and technician receive regular, specialized training.
  • Pharmacy facilities must meet design and other related standards to help ensure that the compounding area is clear and free of contaminants.
  • The pharmacy must meet or exceed the standards for non-sterile compounding that have been set by the United States Pharmacopeia in USP.
  • The pharmacy must adhere to the PCAB “Principles of Compounding”.

More information on PCAB or to find a PCAB accredited compounding pharmacy in your area, go to the PCAB website

For more information on USP standards and what they mean for compounding pharmacies