Is your cat difficult to medicate? We can help!

Compounded medication could be the right choice for your cat. At Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy, we customize medication forms, dosage and flavors to best accommodate your pets. We want to make the medicating process as easy as possible for all pet owners.

guide to veterinary compounding medicine for cats

What is Compounding?
How Can it Help my Cat?

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    Custom Forms

    Learn more about the various methods of delivery of our compounded medications.



    It is a great alternative for pets that have trouble taking normal tablets, capsules, or liquids.


    Golden Gate Pharmacy’s micro tablets are the smallest compounded formulation available. Our micro tablets are very small and easy to administer.


    It is paramount that the medication is stable in a liquid. Once this is certain, the drug can be suspended into a liquid to make the medication palatable.


    Transdermal gels serve as an alternative to giving medications orally. A small amount of gel containing the medication is rubbed into the hairless area on the inside of the animal’s ear.

    Custom Flavors

    We offer many flavors such as tuna, salmon and vanilla butternut.

    Download our catalog to see which flavors and forms are available for each medicine we offer.

    Ask Our Experts

    Our pharmacists and lab technicians are specially trained in veterinary compounding.

    We have been recognized nationally by the Pharmacy Compounding Accreditation Board (PCAB) as a pharmacy that meets stringent standards of quality and safety. We are only the 10th pharmacy in the state of California to receive this prestigious recognition. As pet owners ourselves, we understand your struggles and we strive to ensure our custom compounds help you to treat your pets with ease.

    5 Tips to medicate your cat easily.

    Do you have a stubborn cat who just refuses to take medication? You are not alone. Medicating your cat can quickly become a source of frustration for both you and your pet. Here are five tips that will hopefully make the process a little easier.
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