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We are excited to serve you from our new location at: 8 Digital Drive, Suite #104, Novato, CA 94949 We are officially in our new, state of the art pharmacy in Novato, California. All pick-ups are now available at 8 Digital Drive, Suite #104, Novato. See map below.

Compounded Flavored Pet Liquid Medication

Board of Pharmacy Update

On April 18th, the Board of Pharmacy Enforcement and Compounding Sub-Committee met. On the agenda was a discussion of how the new compounding laws have been affecting veterinary practice. Primarily at issue was the Beyond Use Date updates that require cGMP level testing in order to extend Beyond Use Dates beyond 14 days for most[…]

New Location GGVCP

(Part III) Compounded and Handling of Hazardous Drugs – New Regulations

In February of last year, the Compounding Expert Committee and the Compounding with Hazardous Drugs Expert Panel released a revised USP Chapter 800 that outlines the standards that should be maintained while handling hazardous drugs (HDs) in healthcare settings. Whereas these standards will not necessarily impact your daily operations, they do impact compounding pharmacies and[…]

(Part II) Office Use Compounds – New Regulations

For Part II of this newsletter series we are going to be covering the upcoming changes in the CA Board of Pharmacy Regulations that will have the biggest impact on your veterinary practice:  Office Use Compounds.   As many of you may have seen over the summer CVMA put out an article in which the Board[…]

(Part I) Compounding and Ordering CII Drugs – New Regulations

As you may have heard the CA board of Pharmacy has developed new regulations that go into effect January 1st, 2017. It is pivotal that we as a business keep you, our clients, updated on these changes. The majority of the new regulations will not affect your day to day interation with our pharmacy, but[…]