Controlled Substance Prescription Forms Must Be AB 149 Compliant

Beginning January 1, 2021, controlled substance prescription forms compliant with the requirements defined by AB 149 will be the only valid form style that may be filled, compounded, or dispensed. A valid form should contain the 12-byte serial number and barcode. The new serial number format is: three alphas, followed by three numerals, followed by one alpha, followed by five numerals. See examples below.

**Please note the serial number requirements have changed since the original guidance so even early adopters that have controlled substance prescription forms with 15 digit serial numbers will need to get their pads updated to meet the new standard.

Click here for a link to view the approved list of security prescription printers provided by the Department of Justice.

For questions concerning how to report controlled substance prescription data, please contact AAI at or (800) 539-3370. For questions concerning this new requirement, please contact the Security Printer Program at (916) 210-3216 or or the BOP at (916) 518-3100 or

Controlled Substance Prescription Form
Controlled Substance Prescription Form Serial Number