Holiday Planning

It's the busiest time of the year... let's plan for refills accordingly!

There is no doubt that the holidays are upon us. Retailers are already experiencing unprecedented online shopping this year, which means shipping companies are being pushed to their limits. We are asking this year more than ever that you submit your refills requests extra early. We do not want there to be ANY lapses in treatment for your pets. We will be working as quickly as we can to ensure that your pet's prescriptions are compounded and leave our facility promptly, however, we all need to prepare for delays in deliveries due to massive volumes of shipments.

As always our online store is available to you 24/7 and can make ordering and requesting refills easier than ever. If you haven't registered yet click below and get started now!

In addition to shipping delays we must all also take into account holiday closures, which will also effect turn-around times. Please take note of our holiday hours and plan accordingly:

Thursday 11/26 - Thanksgiving - CLOSED
Friday 11/27 - OPEN 8AM-6PM
Thursday 12/24 - Christmas Eve - OPEN 8AM-1PM
Friday 12/25 - Christmas - CLOSED
Thursday 12/31 - NYE - OPEN 8AM-6PM
Friday 1/1 - New Year's Day - CLOSED

Let's work together to ensure that you are prepared with all your pet's necessary medications this holiday season and always.

Thank you for your trust in us to be your bridge to exceptional compounding care. Happy Holidays, friends!