Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy Flavors Your Pet’s Medications

The goal of a veterinary compounding pharmacy is to make medicating pets (and all animals) easier. Sometimes that means creating custom strength tablets or capsules. Sometimes that means creating transdermal (topical) medications for notoriously difficult to medicate cats. And a lot of times that means turning your pet’s medication into something that tastes great! This is something that veterinary compounding pharmacies do all the time. They create pet medications in custom flavors so that your pets will look forward to medication time.

Flavored medication can come in several options. The most popular option is flavored oral suspensions. Almost every medication can be compounded into an oral suspension, so pet owners really have no reason to struggle when their pets refuse capsules or tablets. Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy offers over 30 flavors for oral suspensions. Pharmacists and customer service representatives can help make flavor recommendations based on your unique pet, but here are some examples of pets and the flavors they love:

Dogs tend to like beef, bacon or even enjoy molasses flavored oral medications. Cats usually enjoy fish flavors like salmon or tuna. Vanilla Butternut is another very popular flavor with cats. Birds generally prefer fruit flavors like grape, raspberry or apple. Pet owners of pocket pets are in luck too! Golden Gate VCP offers flavors like banana bread, peanut butter and cheese for rabbits, rodents and ferrets. Who knew medication could be so FLAVORFUL!

Flavored chew treats are another awesome example of how a veterinary compounding pharmacy can make medicating pets easier. Flavored chews incorporate an active ingredient [medication(s)] with real dog and cat treats in order to mask the medication’s taste completely. Golden Gate VCP offers around 15 different flavor options including chicken, liver, seafood, etc. They also offer hypoallergenic flavored chew treats in flavors like Duck & Pea and Pumpkin. These treats are a great option for any food motivated pet.

[Aren’t sure which flavor your pet will love, try before your buy! Call 888-855-6337 to request your FREE flavor sample pack from Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy.]

Veterinary compounding is an essential part of veterinary care. Without compounding some pet owners would not be able to comply with their veterinarian’s treatment plans. Veterinary compounding can give pet owners the tools (sometimes tasty tools) to turn medication time from a stressful situation all around, to a time that pets actually look forward to. A veterinary compounding pharmacy can also combine multiple drugs into one medication eliminating the need to administer multiple medications.

Talk to your veterinarian about what options are available for you and your pet. If you have further questions feel free call in and speak with a veterinary specific compounding pharmacist today.