Fire Safety for Pets

Fire safety for pets is something that all pet owners should consider. In many parts of the country, especially our home state of California, wildfires present very serious risks. People must be aware of the danger and ready to take action for themselves, their families and their pets.

It is important to put together a fire preparedness plan and in doing so consider fire safety for your pets. Practice evacuating your home, including your pets. Determine which family member will be in charge of collecting the animals and who will grab their supplies.

Fire safety for pets includes have a pet emergency kit on hand. This kit should include medical records (including vaccination records), recent photographs of your pet, microchip information, food and water, any necessary medication, leash, collar, pet carrier if applicable, pet first aid kit, etc. Packing these essentials into a convenient box or bag will save time if an evacuation is necessary. 

The CDC put together a great Pet Disaster Kit Checklist for dogs and cats. Check them out here:

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Being prepared is the key to keeping your pet safe during a fire. Keep identification tags and microchip information up to date. While away during the day, keep you pets near exits so that firefighters can easily find and collect your pets in an emergency. Place a pet alert sticker on a front window to alert firefighters how many pets are inside. It is also a good idea to take note of your pets’ favorite hiding places, in case they get scared and you have to locate them quickly.

In the event of a fire, all the preparation and steps for fire safety for pets will come into play. Grab your pets, their supplies and get out as quickly and effectively as possible. Remember to never delay escape or endanger yourself or your family for your pets. If you have to get out quickly and are not able to contain your pets, evacuate and leave the door open. Call to them from a safe distance away and then let the firefighters take over from there.

Fires can be devastating. Preparing your family and practicing fire safety for pets will ensure that if a fire occurs, the lives of your family and pets will be safe.