Combining Pet Medications

As pets begin to age, medications can play an important role in maintaining a good quality of life. And many times, aging pets are required to take multiple medications, multiple times a day. This can be troublesome for pet owners and stressful to the pet.

Compounding Pharmacies Offer Options

Veterinary specific compounding pharmacies work with veterinarians and pet owners to determine how to most easily medicate pets. Pet medications only work when the animal is getting their complete doses. Anyone that has dealt with pets spitting out their medication, or refusing to take medication, knows that the struggle can be real.

Veterinary compounding pharmacies can offer many solutions to the burden associated with medicating your pets. In fact, when multiple medications are required a compounding pharmacist can work with pet owners to combine these medications into one convenient administration method.

Combining Pet Medications into Flavored Options

At Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy we have several options available when combining multiple medications. Drugs that are not too bitter may be combined into a flavored option. The medications can be formulated into a flavored oral suspension (available in over 30 flavors) or into a flavored soft chew medication (available in 14 flavors - including 4 hypoallergenic options).

Combining Pet Medications into Capsules

For especially bitter medications, capsules are an excellent option. And instead of administering multiple capsules, our pharmacy can combine your pet’s medication into one single capsule. Imagine administering one pill twice a day, instead of trying to hide three different pills in the morning and again in the evening. It is hard to say who will appreciate it more, you or your pet.

For More Information

We would love to talk to you about your individual pet and the medications he/she is currently on and how we can help take the stress out of medicating your pets. Our staff can help determine the best option for the specific medications your pet is on, flavor likes/dislikes, allergies, etc.