Hypoallergenic Dog Medications

Does your dog require medication? Does your dog suffer from food allergies? Compounded medication allows dog owners hypoallergenic, flavored medication options to make medicating your dogs easier, more convenient and most importantly safe.

Dog Medications

Dogs require medications for many different reasons over the course of their lives. Some dogs require life-long medications for chronic illnesses, like Trilostane for Cushing’s disease. Some dogs require pain medication, like Tramadol, for temporary relief from orthopedic surgeries. Other dogs benefit from behavior modifying drugs, like Fluoxetine, for various behavior problems. There are hundreds of other medications that dogs may need throughout their lives, but sometimes finding these dog medications can be challenging.

Dealing with Food Allergies in Dogs

Many dogs are allergic to one or several ingredients in manufactured (commercially) available food and unfortunately, some drugs as well. While this may be a set-back, there are easy solutions. Contacting a veterinary specific compounding pharmacy is an easy way to work directly with a pharmacist to create a custom medication for your dog (or cat, bird, rabbit, snake, etc.). A compounding pharmacy will work with you, with a prescription from your veterinarian, to cater to your dog’s unique needs. This includes any allergies that may be known (or assumed).

Hypoallergenic Dog Medications

At Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy, we can offer medicated oral suspensions  in over 30 flavors. We offer flavored, medicated soft chews that come in several flavor options, including 4 hypoallergenic flavors. Dog owners struggling with food allergies know how difficult it can be finding the right food and treats for their dogs. Finding a medication that suits your dog’s needs does not have to be a struggle. Talk to your veterinarian or call and speak to a pharmacist today to learn more about our hypoallergenic dog medications.