Transdermal Medications for Cats

Transdermal Medications to the Rescue

Transdermal Medications have been a huge help to cat owners over the past several years. Cats can be terribly difficult to medicate and with growing numbers of cats developing chronic conditions, such as kidney disease, diabetes, hyperthyroidism, urinary disease, cardiac disease, etc. medication can literally be lifesaving. However, if you have ever tried to pill a cat (let alone maintain medication twice a day for an extended period of time), you know that cats DO NOT like medication! That is where transdermal medications can absolutely save the day and ultimately the life of your cat.

What is Transdermal Medication?

Transdermal medication is a combination of the prescribed active drug into a gel matrix for application to the pinna (inside ear flap) of a cat. The compound is penetrated, in the appropriate amount, through the skin and into systemic circulation. With the use of medications such as Methimazole, as a treatment for hyperthyroidism in cats, blood tests are routinely taken and T4 levels have improved with transdermal administration. Behavior modification medications, like Fluoxetine, given transdermally have produced obvious, behavior changing results.

What Transdermal Medication is Available?

Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy dispenses several commonly prescribed medications as a transdermal gel in our Topi-Click Micro Pen. Applying transdermal medication using these applicators is extremely simple and fast, resulting in dramatically less stress for our cats clients. Our Topi-Click Micro pens are available in the following transdermal medications: Amlodipine (Norvasc), Fluoxetine (Prozac), Methimazole (Tapazole), Mirtazapine (Remeron), and Prednisolone (Omnipred). Additional transdermal medications are available in traditional syringes.

More Information

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