GGVCP K9 Tag Away

K9 Tag Away Topical Treatment for Dogs

Dogs with small, benign warts, skin tags, growths, lesions, etc., no longer need to fear surgery. Golden Gate Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy brings you "K9 Tag Away".

This innovative, new product is designed for at home treatment of small benign growths (skin tags) on dogs, without surgery. The  active ingredient, Celecoxib, helps reduce blood vessel density and therefore reduces the size of the growth within weeks. Our pharmacists compound Celecoxib into a clear, easy to administer solution and package it into a clear bottle with an attached bottle brush. A thin layer should be applied to completely coat the entire tag/lesion, once daily for up to three weeks until the skin tag falls off or is no longer present.

With no expected systemic side effects, this product is safe, non-invasive and effective. This product is especially great for older dogs unable to go under anesthesia for any elective growth removal.

At $30+tax for 15 grams this solution is affordable for most pet owners. For additional information and to determine the appropriate formulation for your patient, call and speak with a pharmacist today! (888) 855-6337