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Next Generation Otic Packs

Otic Packs have revolutionized the way that many veterinarians treat ear infections. With one time, in clinic treatments the convenience to clients combined with the efficacy is really unmatched. But at GGVCP we are never satisfied, we keep pursuing how to make our products EVEN better and EVEN more convenient. With that said... introducing our Next Generation Otic Ear Packs!

Rather than creating a wax “plug” of medication, our new Otic Packs simply coat the ear with medication. This means there is absolutely no loss of hearing throughout treatment. Furthermore, these new packs are liquid at room temperature, so application is easier than ever. There is no refrigeration necessary and no warming the medication prior to use. Best of all, you will use less medication to treat the same problems; approximately 1ml per ear (regardless of the size of the dog).

This new and improved Otic Ear Pack will be available in the following combination of medications: 6.8mg Enrofloxacin, 10mg Ketoconazole and 2mg Triamcinolone Acetonide and will be applied in the following three steps:

     Step 1: Irrigate the affected ear(s) with saline
     Step 2: Holding the animal’s head still, apply the 1mL pre-loaded syringe into the infected ear(s). Use the full 1mL in any size dog.
    Step 3: Once applied, allow the animal to shake their head to help spread the formula within the ear canal.

    (Allow 10-14 days before a recheck.)

Our Next Gen Otic Ear Packs will make treatment easier, cleaner, more convenient and will maintain the same low cost pricing structure you’ve come to know. And don’t worry the original Otic Packs will still be available in several medication combinations. Reach out to our pharmacist team for questions and/or suggestions on what will work best for your patients.