GGVCP Diazepam Recti-Melt Gel

GGVCP is proud to introduce a breakthrough in epilepsy treatment. Our Diazepam Recti-Melt Gel is a novel anhydrous alternative to traditional rectal applications of diazepam. Here we combine the benefits of traditional gels with suppositories into an easy, ready-to-use syringe, employing successful traits of both forms. It has proved to be less messy than standard gels, while melting faster than traditional suppositories.
It comes as a white, amorphous semi-solid in a pre-measured dosing syringe, customized to your requested dose/volume. It is both easy to use and offers an extended shelf life (180 days once compounded). Conveniently these syringes do not require refrigeration [recommended to be stored at 15-25 degrees Celsius (59-77 degrees Fahrenheit)].
Your clients’ will be put as ease when they have the ability to help their pets during active seizures. Call and talk to a pharmacist today about getting your clients prepared with our Diazepam Recti-Melt Gel.