GGVCP Shipping by FedEx

Due to increased shipping costs, it became necessary to revise our shipping/delivery policies. We know that we can work together to make these new policies work for everyone. Please take a minute to review below, so that you are prepared when these new rates go into effect September 1st.

  • FREE, OVERNIGHT shipping/local delivery for all orders over $100*
    • applies to both clinic and individual patient orders
    • applies to both new orders and refills**
  • Orders under $100
    • overnight shipping - $15
    • 2nd day shipping and local delivery - $9.50
*Orders must be $100 before tax and shipping
**Please keep in mind that compounded medication is custom made for your clinic and/or patients. We take pride in our industry best turn-around times, however, each medication is made to order which can take some time. The time frames reflected above are solely based on shipping, AFTER the medication is compounded. Compounding can take up to a few days. Please remember to provide 5-7 days to process refills. As always, we will do our best to accommodate your clinics'/clients' needs so there is no lapse in treatment.

Thank you for your cooperation. Our Sales Reps, Customer Service Team and Pharmacists will work with you to bundle orders so that you can take advantage of our FREE shipping option whenever possible. Thank you for your business, we look forward to continuing to be "Your Bridge to Exceptional Veterinary Compounding Care."