K9 Rescue Kits

We are proud to announce the release of GGVP’s K9 Rescue Packs.

These specially designed packs are intended to be on hand for police and rescue dogs in the event that any harmful substance is ingested.

Each pack includes:

  • 3cc syringe pre-filled with a small dose of Apomorphine powder,
  • 3cc luer-lock syringe with needle attached,
  • 10cc vial of sterile water,
  • syringe to syringe adapter,
  • sterile filter for administration.

All products come in a light protected bag. Upon ingestion of a toxic substance, our pack can be quickly assembled and prepared for ocular administration of Apomorphine to induce immediate vomiting.

Being prepared with a GGVCP K9 Rescue Pack provides a life saving service to the police and rescue dogs working in our communities.